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PK Newsletter Summer 2017: Focus and Finish

Get the latest tips and recommendations from Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria about using and applying Personal Kanban, along with the latest updates on our related online courses offered through Modus Institute

Finding Focus to Complete the Work
that Really Matters

Too many of us go to work every day feeling frustrated because we haven’t created the value we know we can create. There’s a gap between how we want to spend our time in our jobs and in our lives and how we actually spend it.

But it’s human to get distracted or to feel overwhelmed by the work in front of us. How do we accept the fact that these things happen? What do we need to learn about focus to bring more focus to our most important work?

When we can focus, we sit back and do the work we really want and need to do.
We do it right and well… the first time.

Finishing Feels Good
On Focus: Conquering the Shiny Squirrel
If we can see our work and limit our WIP,
we gain the ability 
to sequester time
to focus on specific tasks. 

(And we will be much happier people for it).

Constant task-switching isn’t good
for knowledge work. 

Here’s how to catch yourself
from doing it.
No really, overload hurts. Make it better.

Join the thousands of people who have taken the Personal Kanban class. 

If you know someone who is suffering from work overload and stress,
let them know!

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HOW TO: How to Limit WIP #3: Reducing Interruptions

The Overhead of Overwork
We can’t call interruptions waste,
but we do need to learn
how to deal with them.

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It’s wise not to overload ourselves at work,
and it’s our responsibility
not to overload others.

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When all around me seems to spin out of control, it is so 
refreshing to turn around in my seat and see my Personal Kanban 
board waiting for me

If I do nothing else but LIMIT MY WORK IN PROGRESS, 
I already
begin to breathe easier. 

The grace of this system cannot be overstated. 

- Dan Leone  

Your goal is not to stick to a given schedule at all costs; it’s instead to maintain, at all times, a thoughtful say in what you’re doing with your time going forward.

- Cal Newport, Deep Work
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